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Around the Web: What Makes You More Effective?

August 9th, 2007 · 2 comments

Earlier this summer, the compulsively readable Productivity501 site interviewed the owners of other top personal productivity blogs. I was particularly interested in the question: “What change has made the most difference in making you effective?” I highly recommend checking it out.

What amazed me was the diversity of answers. Everything from the arcana of GTD processing tips to the birth of a child. I think this emphasizes the fruitful ambiguity of the term “effective.”

For me, when I think of this word, I think of my churn rate: the speed with which I am completing important projects. For other people, this might be completely different.

What’s your definition of effective?

2 thoughts on “Around the Web: What Makes You More Effective?

  1. Timothée says:

    A maximum of work in a minimum of time : it’s all about procrastination!
    See also : Mac OS X ^^

  2. Niyati says:

    Doing more of what’s important and fulfilling to me.

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