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The Paradox of Young Lifehackers

August 13th, 2007 · One comment

In a recent article I wrote for Flak Magazine, I investigated the growing popularity of lifehacking among young people. “Since when,” I asked, “did twentysomethings, the demographic that previously gave rise to the beatniks, hippies, punks, and slackers, care about something so prosaic, so establishment, as to-do lists and reclaiming wasted time?”

My quest for an answer took me in unexpected directions, from “a small group of Silicon Valley geeks, to a young professor, who, during the early ’90s, began to get strange results from a simple experiment.”

I’m interested to hear how my conclusions match up with your personal experience.

Lifehacker 2.0 — Flak Magazine, 08.13.07

One thought on “The Paradox of Young Lifehackers

  1. Michael Simmons says:

    Awesome post Cal! Really well written!

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