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Around the Web: Hack College Introduces a Podcast

September 11th, 2007 · One comment

As you know from my recent introduction of College Chronicles, I’m fascinated by the idea of moving student productivity blogs beyond just advice posts. The Hack College blog seems to agree. They recently debuted a new podcast (video and audio):

Hack College Podcast: Back-to-School and Study Abroad

Recorded live in Germany, where two Hack College bloggers are conduting a somber, reflective, and highly academic semster abroad.

Actually, in true Diggnation style, the beer flows freely. Though I officially hate them for how little such sustinence costs on that side of the pond. ($1 a liter!?)

Check it out…

One thought on “Around the Web: Hack College Introduces a Podcast

  1. Kelly Sutton says:

    We’re glad you like it, thanks for the link, and thanks for the kind words. We love your stuff.

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