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College Chronicles #5: Jake Gets Off to a Successful, Drunken Start

September 12th, 2007 · Be the first to comment

This is the fifth blogisode of College Chronicles, a blog-based reality show in which we follow real students struggling to balance academics with the rest of their life. Click here for the full series archive.

A Good, Busy, Inebriated Start…

So my first week of classes, while a little hectic, was actually pretty successful. My entire days have basically been going to class and working from 9:00am to 9:00pm to keep up while I decide which classes I’m going to stick with. Even with this temporarily heavy workload, however, I’ve managed to still go to Rugby practice and get plastered 3 nights this week. It could have actually been 4, but I was a little burnt out one of the nights, so I just chilled in my room for that evening. [ed: wimp!]

A Plan Develops…

This week I’ll focus on getting the first round of problem sets and readings in my classes done well, while still going to rugby practice. I’ll also drop one of my classes and look for a club to join that I may be interested in.

Wisdom Learned…

One: I’ve really noticed the importance of getting a laptop for taking notes, even for my technical CS courses. Two: My advisor introduced me to an advanced-level class I may be interested in taking…I would never have come across had I not made it a point to meet with my adviser.

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