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Weekend Links: Register Like a Pro, Avoid Red, and Start From the Bottom With Your Career Planning

November 18th, 2007 · 2 comments

Interesting links from around the web to help you through your weekend Study Hacks withdrawal…

A Liquidation of Productivty-Scented Links

  • How to Register for Classes | Hack College
    The Fall semester is rapidly tumbling toward a conclusion. Might be time to start pondering your winter course load. Here’s a great tutorial from Hack College on getting through the registration process unscathed.
  • Does the color red really impair performance on tests? | Cognitive Daily
    Maybe your lucky Red Sox jersey is doing more damage than good during test taking. Cognitive Daily reviews some research on the insidious effect of this color on our mental ability. (Interestingly enough for Red Sox fans, the colors actually seems to help athletes.)
  • Career Planning | Steve Pavlina
    Self-development guru Steve Pavlina outlines an interesting approach to planning your post-college career. Start with the little things, then work your way up to the big questions.
  • Reading IS Productivity | ProtoScholar
    Rebecca over at ProtoScholar makes a well-intentioned plea about the importance of reading. I couldn’t agree more.
  • Looking for Unique Vintage Jewelry?
    Allow me a slight digression. My ever-talented wife, Julie, has just launched an online store for her popular line of hand-crafted jewelry featuring vintage watch parts. Looking for a gift, or want something interesting for yourself? Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links: Register Like a Pro, Avoid Red, and Start From the Bottom With Your Career Planning

  1. Adam says:

    Did you mean the color “red?”

  2. Study Hacks says:

    Whoops. Good catch. I made the edit…

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