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Let’s Teach Ramit That Study Hacks Readers Rock!

December 29th, 2008 · 8 comments

An Innovative Scholarship

Earlier in December, my friend Ramit, who runs the wildly popular I Will Teach You to Be Rich blog, announced the I Will Teach You To Be Rich Scholarship for Social Innovation. The concept is simple. You pitch him an entrepreneurial idea you have for making the world better. It can be something you’ve already started or something you’ve dreamed of doing. He’ll choose the best idea and give its originator $2500 as well as advice and access to his considerable contact network.

Let me put this another way: if you have a cool idea for helping the world, and you win this contest, Ramit can provide exactly what you need to make it a success. If you’re in high school, the result will be the type of innovative pursuit that lets you breeze into your dream school. If you’re in college, it will put you in a completely different league when seeking post-grad opportunities.

In other words: This is a chance to transform your student life.

Let’s Show ‘Em What We’re Made Of…

I want a Study Hacks reader to win this scholarship. This type of project fits perfectly with our Zen Valedictorian Philosophy (specifically: The Law of Innovation), and you’re some of the brightest, most motivated students on the planet. So let’s show Ramit what we’re made of…

Here are two items to sweeten the deal:

  1. Ramit always complains about how few people apply for his scholarships. This means that if you have a good idea and actually take the time to enter, you have a great shot.
  2. I will help you win. If you want to enter, send me a draft of your idea and I’ll give you feedback to help make it irresistible.

The full rules for entry can be found here. The deadline is January 15th. Send me a draft of your entry by January 10th and I’ll give you my feedback. If you’re looking to become a standout, this is a perfect opportunity to start down that path.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Teach Ramit That Study Hacks Readers Rock!

  1. V.S. says:

    I went to Ramit’s site, and it says the scholarship is for people in their 20’s. Does that mean that high schoolers can’t participate?

  2. Study Hacks says:

    I went to Ramit’s site, and it says the scholarship is for people in their 20’s. Does that mean that high schoolers can’t participate?

    No. You can ignore that and still participate. I think he meant that to be the upper bound on age (ie., no one *older* than their twenties should apply), not a lower bound.

  3. Joseph Sinay says:

    Cal, Where do I send my first draft? I don’t know your email address.

  4. DrBurst says:

    Thank you for pointing this out, I will do this.

  5. Thanks for writing about this! I’m playing around with an idea right now and applying for this scholarship over break is quite motivating.

  6. Study Hacks says:

    Clarification: You do have to be in your 20s to apply to the scholarship…

  7. deepikaur says:

    Thanks for the head’s up! I would have applied, but I just skim the edge of the age requirement.

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