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Come Meet Me at 7 PM Monday at 303 Frist on the Princeton Campus

February 27th, 2011 · 10 comments

This is my last administrative post before I return to our regularly scheduled content:

If you’re in the Princeton area, I’m holding a meet-up at 7 PM on Monday. It will be in 303 Frist. Anyone in the area who is interested should stop by.

At 8:30 I’ll then be delivering a public lecture at 302 Frist.

Thus endeth my self-promotion…

10 thoughts on “Come Meet Me at 7 PM Monday at 303 Frist on the Princeton Campus

  1. Canadian Undergrad says:

    I’m in Canada, and as much as I love your posts..I have class tomorrow so Princeton is kind of a stretch. Will it be video taped or live streamed for those that cannot make it, I really enjoyed your lecture at Sigma Tau on youtube.


  2. Joanne says:

    Hi, Cal. What is the length of your lecture going to be?

  3. Study Hacks says:

    My talk starts at 8:30. It should clock in around 45 minutes. Then we’re just doing questions for a while.

  4. Study Hacks says:


    If they tape it, I’ll let you know.

  5. Andres says:

    I’m interested in the audio, please share if available.

  6. Mr. Snake says:

    I’m interested in a video, too; and, though this is tangential, you write in your recent book that finding a community for one’s interest is the first step to distinction. How does one know which communities will reward, and which will not? (This is difficult for writers, because there aren’t as many prominent literary communities as those for the sciences.)

  7. Canadian Undergrad says:

    Hey Cal, I know this is off topic but I just received my first year bio midterm mark I got a 75 Class Avg was a 60, Last semester I got a 50 on the midterm and a 58 on the exam. Just like you to know that your books have really had a profound effect on my academic success and your methods really do work.

  8. cs grad student says:

    Hah, sorry I missed this. I would have liked to hang out with you!

  9. Kurt says:

    Dear Mr. Newport,

    Are you coming to Southern Michigan anytime soon?

  10. MIT Student says:

    Hi Cal, Any Chance you’ll host a session at MIT???? I’m a current undergrad!

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