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Why You Should Pre-Order Digital Minimalism

January 12th, 2019 · 137 comments
A copy of my new book, hot off the presses, on the custom-built minimalist library table I use to find focus in an otherwise noisy world.

My new book, Digital Minimalism, which comes out on February 5th, is available for pre-order.

If you live in the US, you can pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a local bookstore (as well as many other retailers).

If you live in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India or Africa, you can pre-order the UK edition at Amazon UK. (The book is also being translated into over a dozen different languages, but these will come later.)

For multiple reasons, pre-orders are much more useful than normal sales, so if you were already thinking about buying my new book, I want to humbly nudge toward considering a pre-order, and if you already pre-ordered, I want to underscore my gratitude.

To demonstrate my sincere thanks to those who take the time to help my book in this manner, I’ve put together the following incentive packages:

If you pre-order 1 copy of the book before February 5th, you’ll receive:

If you pre-order 2+ copies of the book (one for you and one for a friend) before February 5th, you’ll receive:

  • All of the above bonuses.
  • Access to the private Digital Minimalist Book Club. For one month after the book releases in February, I’ll be be posting a weekly private video for book club members where I answer their questions about the book (or any related topics), submitted through a special email address provided only to book club members.
  • Claim your 2+ copy bonuses here…


  • Pre-order Digital Minimalism from any retailer and in any format. If you have already pre-ordered (thank you!), you just need to find your invoice number from the digital receipt.
  • Fill out THIS FORM with your invoice number(s) and contact details. (Note: If you ordered 2+ copies using multiple different orders, that’s no problem: the form can accept multiple invoice numbers.)
  • Gain immediate access to the bonuses. Once you’ve filled out the above form, links for downloading the bonuses will appear on the form’s confirmation page.  For those of you who order 2+ copies, you’ll also be provided the special email address for submitting questions for the book club. The instructions for how to access the book club videos will then be emailed to you in February.

137 thoughts on “Why You Should Pre-Order Digital Minimalism

  1. Bjarke says:

    does this count for the audiobook version aswell?

    1. bjarke says:

      Never mind I read through it too quickly.

  2. Mark A Miranda says:

    I’ve had this book pre-ordered since September 1st 2018. I’ve never been excited for a book after reading Deep Work. Thank you so much Cal for the amazing content/advice!

  3. Jacob says:

    I am from Germany, can I order at German Amazon (the book is available as preoderthere, too) or has it to be the UK Amazon?

    1. Meggy says:

      Hi Jacob, I pre-ordered the book from German Amazon long time ago, so you can do it as well 🙂

      1. tkoeck says:

        German preorders at Amazon have been canceled a few weeks ago. Additionally there is no Kindle version available anymore. I won’t preorder the paperbook anyway.

        Just wondering what’s going on.

  4. Pavel says:

    I live in Germany and the book is available at, why is it necessary to order from Amazon UK?

    1. Study Hacks says:

      Sorry I wasn’t clear about this, but you can order from (or whatever your local Amazon is) as well.

      It gets a little confusing, but the version you see with the white cover is the UK/International version, while the yellow and white cover is the US version. The content is the same for both. My understanding is that you’ll get the UK/International version quicker as it’s not being shipped across the ocean.

  5. *** says:

    I pre-ordered about a month ago, from “Book Depository” – does that count? They’re not listed in the “other retailers” list but I believe they belong to Amazon.
    Can’t wait to read it!

    1. Study Hacks says:

      I think that should be fine. Let me know, of course, if there’s any issues and we’ll get you sorted out.

      1. *** says:

        It worked, thanks 🙂

  6. Pavel says:

    Does buying from Amazon Germany also count?

    1. Meggy says:

      It worked for me, I got the bonus after ordering from German Amazon as well.

  7. Anatolii says:

    For those who live in Australia: it is available on ($26.42 – hardcover)
    Although it is shipped from Amazon US. However, delivery is free with Amazon Prime on orders over $49

    I find the white cover (with a broken USB data cable) more appealing than the yellow one.
    There is another one with an orange cover and dissolving smartphone (available on – $39.41 hardcover) – looking even better – typical Cal’s orange cover (as in both SGTCIY & Deep Work)

  8. Adam says:

    You have mentioned the book is being translated. Is polish one of the lucky languages?

    1. Study Hacks says:

      Not yet. But in that region there will be Russian, Czech and German editions…

  9. Grace says:

    hi! I pre-ordered from Amazon Brasil! 🙂 It is cool to see that the book already has a global reach.
    Congratulations, Cal and study hackers.

  10. FG says:

    In The Digital Declutter Guide, page 1, there is what appears to be a line-break of the word “provides” in the middle of the line.

    “Much like decluttering your house, this lifestyle experiment pro-vides a reset for your digital life by…”

  11. Nice to see a new book from you!

    Is it by design that we don’t see a Kindle version of this or will we see one soon?

    1. How did you ass a profile photo ?

      1. Correction : How did you add a photo to your profile?

  12. Steven says:

    Is there anywhere to pre-order in .epub format? I clicked around but could only find Kindle/Nook formats

  13. Anna Petto says:

    Does buying the hardback book plus the audio book count as buying 2 books? Thank you!

  14. Akram Ahmad says:

    – I see that Google Play also offers your upcoming book for “Pre-Order”… Will the goodies apply there as well? (I’m already sold on buying, Cal, you know me, so I’ll buy your stuff one way or another: I’ve been following and promoting your uncommonly sane and sensible thinking for years, and own every single book you’ve written to date!) 🙂 🙂
    – Do lemme (and other readers, too) know about Google Play. Would appreciate that…

  15. Niklas says:

    Unfortunately it seems like I can’t pre-order from the major book dealers in Sweden (it’s only possible to be put on a waiting list), would definitely do it otherwise as I’m really excited for the incentive packages.

  16. Pre-ordered and shared with my colleagues (we’re very into getting maximum value from our time). Thanks so much for the extras! Much appreciated.

  17. EA says:

    Preordered! 🙂

  18. Eric Casado says:

    Hey Cal, and what happens if I want to pre-order it but I’m from South America, specifically Peru? Can you recommend me a web site to do so?

    Thank you!

  19. Andrew says:

    Hi Cal,

    I’m from Australia, would love to pre-order this!

    Can I pre-order 1 Apple Books copy (using the Apple Books store) and 1 hard copy from Amazon Australia and claim the 2+ copy bonuses?


  20. Andrew Pfeiffer says:

    Hi Cal,

    I’m from Australia, would love to pre-order this!

    Can I pre-order 1 Apple Books copy (using the Apple Books store) and 1 hard copy from the Amazon Australia store and

    1. Study Hacks says:

      That should work (let me know if it doesn’t)

      1. Andrew Pfeiffer says:

        Thanks! (And apologies for accidental double-post.)

        Unfortunately, Apple Books doesn’t give me an invoice number or anything like that – which is annoying. See, e.g.

        Any ideas on how to overcome this situation, or will I need to pre-order using a different format?

  21. Study Hacks says:

    Several people from Australia has asked me about trouble pre-ordering the book. If you’re in Australia, you need to pre-order from Amazon in Australia ( instead of through Amazon UK. The same holds for India and South Africa: use the local version of Amazon to pre-order.

  22. Islam El-Rougy says:

    What’s the best method for pre-ordering in North Africa, especially Egypt?

  23. Jessica Miller says:

    Pre-ordered and already watched the video. As a professor myself, and mom of a college student, I have really appreciated your blog and books.

    I would love to see a video on prioritizing. The tutorial shows us the way deadlines influence your workflow. But what besides deadlines determines what gets from your Workflowy on to your weekly list?

    Thanks again for the pre-order bonuses. They are terrific!

  24. Juan Luis says:

    When it’s release in Spanish language?

  25. Tim Greven says:

    Hey Cal, I noticed your email on your contact page is down; emails are not getting through. Is that intentional?

  26. DeepThinker says:

    I’m curious to know if you have heard of Anki or read augmenting long term memory by Michael Nielson.
    It’s a bit outside your current theme of focus, but a very interesting take on the use of quiz and recall, which was one of your main themes in the early days of study hacks.

    I’m also curious if you still use quiz and recall today in studying techniques for your research?

  27. Trish says:

    Thanks for the extras, Cal.

  28. Paul-G says:

    There’s no ebook available for preorder. I tried and

    Would it be possible to preorder your book in ebook format to get access to bonuses?

  29. K Clements says:

    I will preorder this via my Local, Independent book store – I don’t know if I will get a digital receipt of number or any other proof. It’s not really about the bonus for me, but is there a way to prove you preordered if you are using a source not listed on your web page?

    Thanks – looking forward to the new book

  30. Congrats on your article in the New York Times today! Good read; got me thinking…

  31. Sukant says:

    I have already pre oredered it long ago from Amazon….Awaiting Cal’s new book…Cant wait any longer to get it delivered…You are my Favorite author Cal..Thanks to you!!!!

  32. Bjarke says:

    In an interview I heard you said you were a big believer in doing something hard everyday. I thought it sounded very interesting could you elaborate more on that and explain why you think it’s a good idea?

  33. Sameer Z says:

    Hi Cal,
    I pre-ordered two copies on Amazon (second copy for my brother) and submitted the order numbers. I did not see anything for the book club but presume that comes later but was not sure since you already have questions that you are addressing from the Book Club as in your latest post.

    Heard the Ezra Klein interview yesterday so even more excited about next week’s release.

  34. Sally says:

    As Jean above says, Amazon UK say it’s currently unavailable. I wish i’d ordered earlier! Will this be rectified Cal? I’m a huge fan of your work.

    1. Sally says:

      It appears to be available now. It has a white cover.

  35. Michel says:

    Hurray for minimalism !

    I myself left France for Vietnam find a simpler life and working in a chiller environment. Best life decision ever.

  36. Justin says:

    Looking forward to getting into the bonuses, reading the book, and releasing a review on my new blog! I asked leadership coach and entreprenuer, Michael Hyatt, about your book, and he is well aware of the release and it’s importance in the conversation on intentional digital life.

  37. nice information, its an era of digital marketing and digitization

  38. Monica Hall says:


    I pre-ordered 2 copies of the book and filled out the form to gain access to the bonuses. Unfortunately I did not realize I was supposed to download the bonus materials right away and now I have no way to access them. I also didn’t save the e-mail address to send questions to. Is there any way I can retrieve this information?

    1. Dana Lamm says:

      Hi Monica,
      The same thing happened to me with purchasing the one book. I got the pdf downloaded but must have missed the video. Hope we can still retrieve!


  39. Judith Deurvorst says:

    I cannot find the form to gain access to the bonuses.
    I pre-ordered one copy of the book on January, 14th, via My order #: D01-4044337-7485021.
    Thank you!

    1. Piotr Lewandowski says:

      I have the same problem.
      I’ve ordered on – my order # 202-7738016-2610736

    2. September Gerety says:

      I’m having the same issue! I preordered, but it seems like the form for bonuses (which I didn’t know about until today) is not available now that the book is out?

  40. Antowan says:

    I am having the same problem as JUDITH DEURVORST. I pre-ordered the book late December 2018 via (I have the invoice with me in case you need proof). Cannot find the form for the bonuses. Please help.

    1. Antowan says:

      Still waiting on that someone from Portfolio to contact me and help me get the bonuses…. help please.

  41. Pre-ordered the book last year and cannot access the form to claim the Freedom 40% discount.

    Is the link to the form broken? It’s just taking me back to Cal’s homepage.

  42. Jeroen says:

    I pre-ordered the book before the launch at a local retailer, I was waiting until I received the book to apply for the bonuses but now it appears the link no longer works. What can I do to still get the bonuses?

    1. Thadryan says:

      I am also unable to claim bonuses for 2 pre-orders at this time. Did they expire or something? I pre-ordered one in Jan then another in Feb to increase the bonus. I got the ones for the first 1 but didn’t get the ones for the 2+. What should I do at this point if the link just brings me to the book page now?

  43. Sebastian says:

    I have the same problem as Jeroen. I pre-orderd at and received it yesterday. This reminded me to get the bonus. But the link does not work.

    1. Carrie says:

      Ditto. I pre-ordered one copy of the book and there is no working link for the pre-order bonuses.

  44. Tim Vantilborgh says:

    I have the same problem as the people above. I preordered the book and wanted to download the bonus a couple of days ago, but the form is no longer working.

  45. Anna says:

    I’ve pre-ordered two copies and claimed bonuses (pdf and video). I was waiting for some kind of invitation to Digital Minimalist Book Club but didn’t get any. Now I wondering that maybe form only counted one pre-order number so I was added to one copy tier. Are videos for the book club already out? Can I write somewhere to be added to the group? Thanks!!

  46. Oussam Bouguerne says:

    Hello, I have preordered the book before its launch, I haven’t claimed the bonuses at the time. When I try to do so now, the provided link redirects me to this website. Can you please help me? I specifically preordered the book for the bonuses but I forgot to claim them at the time

  47. Oussama Bouguerne says:

    I have the same issues as the other commenters, I specifically preordered the book for the bonuses, but I forgot to fill the form at the time and when I try to do so now, it just redirects me to this site homepage. Help, please!

  48. Study Hacks says:


    –> If you pre-ordered the books but forgot to fill out the form, leave a comment, and someone from Portfolio will help you get the bonuses you deserve.

    –> If you pre-ordered 2+ books, you will be receiving information via email soon about the book club. The first video is on its way…

    1. Yufan Lin says:

      I have pre-ordered. Please help. Thanks!

    2. Steph says:

      hi, I pre-ordered a book as well but did not get to the form in time. thanks in advance for your help!

    3. Tim says:

      I preordered and need help, with getting access to the bonus.
      Thank you.

    4. Gavin says:

      Hello. I pre-ordered one copy of the book but did not fill out the form in time.


    5. Lisa says:

      Hello, I also preordered one book and would like to access the bonus materials. Thanks!

    6. A says:

      I pre-ordered (1 copy) but can’t access the video anymore because the link is broken. Thanks for your help!

    7. Kathryn Plaisance says:

      I pre-ordered the book but am unable to access the bonus content (leaving a comment here, as suggested). TIA!

  49. Yufan Lin says:

    I have pre-ordered but I forgot to fill the form. Now the link is not working. Help please. Thanks!

  50. Cory says:

    I pre-ordered the book and filled out the form but lost the link to the bonus materials. Would like access please. Thank you.

  51. Colin says:

    I pre-ordered and obtained the PDF, but never saw a way to access the video. Can someone contact me with a way to access the video? Thank you.

  52. max says:

    Pre-ordered but did not claim the bonus at the time. Link redirects to the main page of this website, now. Could I get a hand? Thanks.

  53. Femi says:

    Pre-ordered one copy of the book. May I please have access to the bonuses? Thanks.

  54. Keith says:

    I pre-ordered one copy and tried to access the bonuses once I received the book but the link didn’t work. Thanks!

  55. Kristian Mong says:

    I pre-ordered 1 book, but never filled out the form. Order #026-7225995-0779529.

  56. Femi says:

    Preordered one copy of the book. May I please have access to the bonuses? Thanks!

    1. Digital Minimalism says:

      Hi there,

      Please email with your confirmation number and quantity of books ordered and we will send the bonuses through.

      Portfolio Books

  57. James Sutro says:

    I pre-ordered but cannot access the form. Thank you.

    1. Digital Minimalism says:

      Hi there,

      Please email with your confirmation number and quantity of books ordered and we will send the bonuses through.

      Portfolio Books

  58. Suko says:

    I pre-ordered one copy of the book but didn’t realize I had to submit a form before the book came out.
    Please let me know how to access the form and receive the incentive package.

  59. John Olinda says:

    Hello! I pre-ordered but still need to complete the form.

  60. Ryan Lundy says:

    Hi, I preordered the book way back in November, but the form for claiming my bonuses seems to have disappeared. Can I still get them?

  61. Ozgur says:

    Same here, I pre-ordered well before the due date, but the link for the FORM isn’t taking me to the form, it just takes me back to the book. Can you please let us know how we can fill out the form. As somebody who pre-ordered in order to support Cal, I would really appreciate if you can fix the form so I can fill it in to get access to the bonus material.

    1. Digital Minimalism says:

      Hi John,

      Please email with your confirmation number and quantity of books ordered and we will send the bonuses through.

      Portfolio Books

  62. John Yuda says:

    Hi, I pre-ordered the book but failed to collect the rewards in time.


    1. Digital Minimalism says:

      Hi John,

      Please email with your confirmation number and quantity of books ordered and we will send the bonuses through.

      Portfolio Books

  63. Mihail says:

    Who will publish this book in Russia and when? Can’t wait to reed it.

  64. ran says:

    I’ve pre-ordered your new book, but I don’t know there’s gift about it.

    How to contact with the person to show them my pre-order?

  65. Christian says:

    I have pre-ordered the book, but forgot to fill out the form.

  66. Paul Hatcher says:

    I am a huge fan of Deep Work and have now begun reading Digital Minimalism which I did pre-order (one copy). Can you please send me a link and/or instructions on how to claim the free bonuses as I can’t seem to figure how to gain access to the video etc.
    Many thanks,

  67. Hi, I forgot to fill out the form for my preorder and tried to use the link to the form and hunt around online for a way to do it last week but failed. Can you help, please? I ordered on Amazon and can provide an order number/evidence of purchase. Thanks, Michael.

  68. Gil Erez says:

    I own your book. Got it on audible. I don’t remember when I bought it

  69. Robert Haley says:

    I preordered the book and loved it!!

    I’d love to claim my bonuses!!!

  70. Linda Maggioncalda says:

    I preordered but did not fill out the form to get the bonuses.

  71. Greg says:

    Hi, I also pre-ordered the book from amazon, but forgot to fill out the form. Would it be possible to obtain the benefits?

  72. Polina says:

    I also forgot to fill out the form for the pre-ordered book. I ordered it from Amazon Canada.


  73. Tom Sain says:

    Hello, I pre-ordered and forgot to fill out the form and now I don’t see it. Thanks in advance for your help.

  74. Wouter says:

    Hi, I did preorder and filled out the form, but only got access to the video, but none of the other perks that I was looking forward too. As per Cal’s suggestions, I’m leaving a new note here. I of course have order numbers etc. Thanks. Wouter

  75. Study Hacks says:

    Update: if you forgot to fill out the form for your pre-order bonuses, send an email to:

  76. Yuri Matheus says:

    Hello, I’m also here for the unclaimed pre-order bonuses. Should I send an e-mail to one of the previous comments to random house?
    Thanks in advance

  77. Li says:

    I forgot to fill out the form for the pre-ordered book.

  78. Colin says:

    I preordered, put my name on the preorder list, but I never got the bonuses.

  79. Hi fans of DIGITAL MINIMALISM! If you missed out on the entry form for the pre-order incentives, it is now live again. Please go to the following link to access your incentives:

    Thanks and happy reading!

  80. Ross Bradding says:

    Pre-ordered but did not claim the bonus at the time. Link redirects to the main page of this website, now. Could I get a hand? Thanks.

  81. James says:

    I preordered but did not fill out the form, and am following up on the note at the end of Cal’s last email about claiming the bonus.

    Thank you

  82. Scott Knauer says:

    Preorder here. Extras you say?!

  83. Brian Stettenbenz says:

    I preordered the book and following up to Cal’s not in the email on February 20th.

  84. Cheryl Funderburk says:

    I preordered the book as shown below but did not get the extras as I was unable to complete the download.I also did not get an email about the book club videos

  85. Mikkel Winther says:


    I didn’t get a chance to preorder, but is there a way to fill out the form with the Amazon order number to still get the stuff mentioned?

  86. Thomas Schaub says:


    I pre-ordered the book from Germany and I didn´t fill the form to get the extras. How can I get access to the extras?


    Best regards,

    1. Thomas Schaub says:


      could I please get an answer?


      Best regards,
      Thomas Schaub

  87. Matthew says:

    I pre-ordered the book (and have the Amazon order number if needed) but didn’t register for the added material; commenting here as per Cal’s email.

    Thanks, Matthew

  88. Matthew says:

    I pre-ordered the book from Amazon (and have the associated order number), but didn’t register earlier for the extras. As per Cal’s email, I’m commenting here.

    Thanks, Matthew

  89. JCL says:

    I would like help accessing the pre-order bonuses. I ordered before the release and was not able to access the bonuses. I especially was interested in Cal’s video re how he organizes his schedule. Link posted above does not take you to bonuses.

  90. Victoria lee says:

    i really thanks you to share this informative post.. its very informative for me i have lot of knowledge gain to learning this post.. thanks i appreciate it.

  91. Kevin Dao says:


    I pre-ordered the book (through Amazon) but didn’t register for the added material; commenting here as per Cal’s e-mail.

    Thank you,

  92. Kyle Zeltmann says:

    I preordered and got the link for the added material but no longer have access to it. How can I retrieve it? Thank

    1. Tim Andrews says:

      In the same boat

      1. Thomas Schaub says:


        any luck? I still don´t get any answer!

        1. Came here to find the link, looks like it’s gone.

  93. Bo Peterson says:

    I preordered 2 copies and I got the emails for the book club videos but I cannot find the link to the tutorial video about your productivity system. Is there anyway to get access to that still?

  94. Shane white says:

    I second!
    I did not us pre-order or nor get a chance.

  95. Matt says:

    Leaving a note per Cal’s email of 20th Feb 2019. I originally pre-ordered, and want to get access to the bonus content listed here. Hope Cal’s publishers can get in touch. Thanks!

  96. steve martin says:

    Hy, I preordered this books anyone tell one how much discount i get for two books..

  97. If i preordered this books so how much time to delivered to me.

  98. Christine says:

    While the boat has clearly sailed on these pre-order bonuses… I was wondering if the standalone guide to the Digital Declutter process is available anywhere else now for purchase? Thanks!

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