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Watch Me Answer Your Questions

January 24th, 2022 · 10 comments

In the summer of 2020, I launched the Deep Questions podcast. The premise was simple: I answer your questions about all the different topics we talk about here and in my books. The show has been a success, with over 4.5 million downloads and counting. But the one common complaint I keep hearing is that the monolithic podcast format makes it difficult to save or share my responses to individual questions.

I finally have a solution to that problem. Starting today, my team will be releasing standalone videos of each question I answer on my show. We’ll also be releasing videos of my “deep dive” monologues and recordings of the full episodes. You can find these videos here.

Looking ahead to the near future: Right now, the videos are hosted on YouTube. Later this winter, we’ll be launching a standalone portal that will organize the videos in an easy-to-navigate, Netflix-style carousel format, enabling you to avoid the distractions of the YouTube interface altogether. I’ll update you when the portal is live.

10 thoughts on “Watch Me Answer Your Questions

  1. Renee says:

    We can save individual podcast and create playlist & share in Spotify and iTunes.

  2. Mandy says:

    Brilliant to hear about your standalone video portal. Prior to reading your book ‘Digital Minimalism’ I’d certainly have considered myself addicted to Instagram (I wasn’t much for FB or Twitter so those weren’t an issue for me) but a couple of months ago, after reading your book, I deleted my Instagram account and what a difference it’s made to me! I still love to learn more about Digital Minimalism and now Deep Work (amazing!) but was frustrated that these videos are on Youtube. I’d really rather not go on YT. So looking forward to watching your videos without distraction. Thanks!

  3. Mariana says:

    Hiii, Cal! I love your work! Thank you for everything you do!

    After your portal is up and running, will you still post your podcast on Apple Podcast/Spotify?? What I mean is… will your podcast still be free? *nervous smiling face with cold sweat* *praying hands emoji*

    Thank you for everything you do!

  4. EA says:

    Glad to see how Jesse looks. I expected him to be bald!

  5. Andrés says:

    Cal, i’m currently reading Jacques Ellul’s “The Humilliation of the Word” in which he establishes a dialectic between the word and image. His argument is a very profound one and was kind of profetic, considering that it was published in 1981. Do you think the video format respond to the necessity of people to look at images all day long (maybe exacerbated by social media)? Is the word not sufficient?

    PD: i have the feeling that your next book on the deep life will be a great one.

  6. Brian O'Neill says:

    It’s hard to beat YouTube for marketing.

    All you have to do is embed the YouTube videos on your own site and there will be no clutter. Or use Vimeo and embed them.

  7. Hi Cal,
    speaking of podcasts I was wondering about your opinion on the “Spotify-Joe Rogan-Neil Young” issue.
    If you still think the influence of social media on politics, social issues and above all disinformation is exaggerated as you wrote in one of your previous article on this blog?
    Since the beginning if the Covid19 crisis, we can’t ignore the Infodemic spread on/by all the platforms…

  8. Sidhant Goyal says:

    Your podcast RSS feed no longer works, are we going to get locked in youtube and Apple Podcast.. I don’t know how to get this to you.. You don’t have an email address for technichal issues.

  9. Sidhant Goyal says:

    What about the podcast, Is it going to become another youtube thing? It is inaccesible in all podcast apps..

    1. Sidhant Goyal says:

      It seems to be resolved now, false alarm… Keep up the good work

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