The Email Academy

Welcome to The Email Academy, a five-part video course that walks you through the most important ideas from my new book, A World Without Email.  The goal of this course is to help you take immediate action toward improving the quality of your professional life.

The five lessons are described below. Each is hosted as an unlisted video on YouTube, so you should be able to easily watch or listen to them on any device. Feel free to share these video links with colleagues, friends or family that you’re trying to convert toward a more enlightened approach to work communication.

And above all else, thank your for pre-ordering my book. It means a lot…

Lesson #1: Introduction [watch the video]

An overview of the course and its goals.

Lesson #2: Productivity Poison [watch the video]

A primer on the unique dangers of the “hyperactive hive mind” approach to work.

Lesson #3: Processes and Autonomy [watch the video]

A discussion of how processes will free us from the tyranny of the hive mind, if we can escape the autonomy trap.

Lesson #4: Tools, Automation, and Protocols [watch the video]

Three practical approaches to building processes that outperform the hyperactive hive mind.

Lesson #5: Employees, Executives, and Entrepreneurs [watch the video]

Advice for adapting this advice to your specific work situation, whether you’re an employee with little control over how your organization operates, an executive/team leader ready to make sustainable changes, or a solo entrepreneur with complete say over how you communicate about your work.